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A scan

A new scan from May issue of US Weekly (includes a new interview about Nikki's style). It's really cute. From n-reed.com

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"I'm finally being cheerful!" Reed thells Us. With a hot Twilight-driven film career (Eclipse opens June 30) and a strong presence on the red carpet in Miu Miu, Burberry and Nanette Lepore, the single actress, 21, is having a banner year.  She has taken up boxing and rock climbing, and the resulting confidence has helped transform her look from somber to showstopping. "My body has becomemore muscular," the L.A. native boasts. "I started showing off my legs, and it changed my style. I don't wear tons of black anymore! When I was younger, I was all about wearing black. Now I like blues and pinks. I let things pop." Her latest passion: flirty florals. "I always have a few little dresses in my trunk, just in case. When I was a kid, my mom used to cut off my brother's pants and make shorts for me by sewing beads on them!" Reed reminisces.
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